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Submitting Cases

DIBS AI Case Portal

Submission Form - Detailed

Submission - EasyRx

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Software Installation

Contact KLOwen Customer Experience for tech support


      DIBS AI Software Installer

      Current Version: 7.4.3

      How to Install DIBS AI

      Old DIBS Legacy Files & Case Portal

      Software Training

      Approval Process video by Dr. Brandon Owen

      Software Training Cheat Sheet 

      ** If you need a modification to one of your case setups, please email setupreview@klowenortho.com support@klowenortho.com.

      Schedule more Software Training through your KLOwen rep.



      Clinical/Bonding Training

      KLOwen IDB Tools & Material List

      KLOwen Bonding Quick Reference

      KLOwen Rebonding Guide

      Other Instructions

      Bonding with Other Appliances


      Bracket Info

      View Product Catalog

      (email orders to support@klowenortho.com)



      Recommended Wire Sequence

      1. NiTi 14 or 16
      2. NiTi 18x18
      3. NiTi 19x25
      4. Optional Detailing Wire: TMA or SS 19x25 

      Wire Size Templates

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