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Software Installation Files

- Installed by a KLOwen rep.
- Version: DIBS AI by OrthoSelect 7.0.5


      Minimum Required Specs:

      - PC Windows 10. (Macs would need to run Windows).

      - 8+ GB of RAM.

      - Graphics Card with 4 GB memory built in.

      - i5 processor

      Software Training Videos

      "Mastering the Digital Setup"       -by Dr. Brandon Owen.

      Full Software Overview (28 min)

      Brief Software Overview (3 min)

      Spaces, Overlaps, & IPR (3 min)


      Clinical Training

      Stride IDB Checklist

      Stride 4-Step Clinical Instruction Print Out

      Stride Rebonding Guide

      Other Instructions

       Herbst/MARA Protocol - PRINT

       Expander Protocol - PRINT

      Recommended Primer

      Assure or Assure Plus by Reliance.

      Recommended Composite

      GoTo by Reliance.


      Stride Bracket Info

      Stride Bracket Guide

      Stride Naming Conversion

      Stride Order Sheet

      See our Bracket Guide page.



      Recommended Wire Sequence

      1. NiTi 14 or 16
      2. NiTi 18x18
      3. NiTi 19x25
      4. Optional Detailing Wire: TMA or SS 19x25 

      Wire Size Templates


        • Recommended Wire Hooks: Shark Tooth Crimpable Wire Hooks by Dynaflex:
          • 10% discount for being a KLOwen / Stride Provider by contacting:
            • Lori Munoz: lorim@dynaflex.com; 866-346-5665, Ext. 1316.
            • Justine Weber: justinew@dynaflex.com; 800-489-4020, Ext. 1318
            • User confirmation will be made before processing payment.

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