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Combine your investment in digital workflow with custom treatment to create more patient smiles and practice success.

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"Our passion is making the Specialist special again."

Brandon Owen, DDS, MS — Founder & CEO

Clinical Excellence: You’re all about it.

The very best orthodontists prefer to give patients custom treatment that goes beyond the “social six”. KLOwen is the only custom digital modular system that empowers orthodontists and their teams to provide:

  • True straightwire mechanics.
  • Full 7-7 engagement for occlusion.
  • Full wire expression. Fill the slot.

Combined with individualized bracket RX and IDB precision bracket placement, and you’ll be providing fully custom, predictable excellent smiles without tedious wire bends and bracket repositions.

“The next generation of custom digital orthodontics with KLOwen is now the standard of care in our office.”

Practice Efficiency: Digital workflow every day.

Orthodontists have invested heavily in digital workflow to treat about 30% of their patients with aligners.

It’s about time to put the fully custom KLOwen equation to work to:

  • Treat every patient.
  • Experience attractive lab fees.
  • Enjoy in-office, on-demand service.

“I was looking for an efficient, effective treatment option for my patients. Now I don’t doubt my bracket positioning at all because I set it up from the beginning, thanks to KLOwen."

(PS)2: Patient Smiles & Practice Success

Our sum, (PS)2, equates to outstanding Patient Smiles creation experiences with shorter treatment times, fewer visits and excellent outcomes.

Outstanding patient smile creation experiences lead to patient referrals. Combined with CE and PE the result is full spectrum Practice Success.

“Richter Orthodontics is growing thanks to KLOwen. We provide clinically excellent, beautiful smiles. Patients enjoy the shorter treatment time and my team loves digital workflow, low-stress days. Everyone wins with KLOwen.”

"Time is a pain point for those seeking orthodontic treatment, and convenience created through workflow efficiency is part of the solution."

Dr. Brandon Owen, Inventor, Founder & CEO, KLOwen Custom Digital Solution

Go with the flow

It's about time to treat all your patients using digital workflow.

Scan the patient.

Design Smile: Use state-of-the-art DIBS software to create the perfect bite and smile.

Bracket Rx [Love]: Software prescribes the perfect patented bracket to fit each uniquely shaped tooth.

Load 3D Tray: The individualized bracket prescription is loaded into pliable IDB trays.

Precision Bonding: Apply brackets into smile design position.

Change wires and monitor: Enjoy 20-40% less treatment time, fewer office visits and excellent clinical outcomes.

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