The Illuminate Orthodontic Podcast
by Dr. Chris Cetta with guest Orthodontist Dr. Brandon Owen.

*The latest innovations in digital braces technology.
*What defines a custom orthodontic appliance.
*What inspired Brandon to create KLOwen braces.
*Brandon’s background in TMD and a 3D printed TMJ splint he invented.

*Pros & cons of venturing a product idea vs. licensing it.

Listen to the Podcast HERE
"Custom Braces Made Easy" by Dr. Brandon Owen (President of KLOwen Braces) and Steve Gardner (President of OrthoSelect), hosted by SprintRay

GLAO 2020 Virtual Annual Session

Dr. Brandon Owen's Lecture: "Digital Custom Braces - Are They Worth It?"

Watch the Recorded Lecture
In-Office Custom Digital Braces Webinar
May 21st, 5:30pm Pacific Standard Time.

Dr. Brandon Owen, OrthoSelect CEO, Steven Gardner, and KLOwen Practitioner at OrthoArts, Dr. Jared Gianquinto, discuss the latest in orthodontic innovation. Dr. Gianquinto utilized the SprintRay Pro 3D-Printer to do custom braces in-house.

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 Are Digital Custom Braces Worth It?

AAO 2020 virtual conference

Are Digital Custom Braces Worth It?

Presented by Dr. Brandon Owen

Featuring KLOwen practitioners Drs. Laura Milnor & Jared Gianquinto


The Digital Orthodontist LIVE Meeting 2020

April 23-24, 2020

Click HERE to watch recorded interview with Dr. Brandon Owen.

Technology-Enabled TMD Management

April 14th

Click HERE to review the Owen Tripod Splint.

KLOwen Braces Webinar

April 9th

Click HERE for recording.

OrthoThrive Interview

April 8th

Click HERE for recording,

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