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Classic Starter 4-case pack: $1,895 Ready for Smiles!
Starter 10-case pack: $4,190 (Save $30/case)
All-in Starter 20-case pack: $7,980 (Save $50/case)

All starter packs include: an assortment of extra brackets, practice trays/model for clinical training,
5 sets of .019x.025 NiTi finishing wires, poster for TC room, and a special sign-up gift.

Less Time | Fewer Office Visits | Better Results | More Profitable

Less Doctor Time | Better Results | More Profitable

Fewer visits | Better outcome

We now see patients at their first adjustment with progress consistent with 4-6 months of treatment with traditional brackets, and they report much less discomfort. The next generation of custom digital orthodontics with KLOwen is now the standard of care in our office.

- Dr. Jared Gianquinto

Considerable Schedule Benefits

Your patients will love it because of the technology and customization of their orthodontic experience. You will love it because you will see such a high level of correction in significantly less appointments. This results in considerable schedule benefits when your practice transitions into a more digital and custom platform.

- Dr. Laura Milnor

Extensive Bracket Rx

Like most orthodontists, I’m a perfectionist. I was looking for an efficient, effective treatment option for my patients and found KLOwen Braces. My patients get excited at their consultations when they learn about the many prescriptions for each tooth. They appreciate the true customization of the KLOwen system.

- Dr. Melanie Wang

Start four KLOwen cases for the same cost as one Invisalign case.

Watch! American Health Front with Certified Smile Provider Dr. David Richter

Created by an orthodontist for orthodontists and their patients.

“Our revolutionary system empowers orthodontists and their patients with the only 100% custom digital solution that leverages innovative technological advances to ensure less discomfort, less time in braces, less office visits, and better patient outcomes.”

Dr. Brandon Owen, Certified Orthodontist
Founder and CEO KLOwen Braces

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