How to Connect Your Intra-Oral Scanner to OrthoSelect

iTero Scanner Instructions:

1. Call iTero support at 1-800-577-8767 and ask them to have scans sent to OrthoSelect.

2. Provide them with our OrthoSelect company ID, 14950, and they will instruct you further.

3. When assigning a scan to OrthoSelect, choose iRecord as "Case Type" and OrthoSelect in "Send to."

  • If you already have a scan that you want to assign out to us through the scanner, start by searching for that patient, select "View Scan," click "RX," Then choose iRecord as "Case Type" and OrthoSelect in "Send to."
  • If you wish to upload the scan files directly in your case submission, ensure that you export it as 2 files (file per arch, oriented in occlusion).

3Shape Scanner Instructions:

1. Log in to your account at

2. Click on “Connections”.

3. Click on “Add Connection”.

4. Type the email address “” and click “Find”.

3M True Definition Scanner Instructions:

1. Call 3M support at 1-800-634-2249, select option 3, then option 1.

2. Request to send intraoral scans to OrthoSelect.

3. Provide 3M representative with our location, American Fork, UT, and email address,

4. When starting a scan, select a date request, then select “OrthoSelect”.

CareStream Scanner Instructions:

1. Tell your CareStream representative that you want all of your scans to go through CareStream’s system.

2. Provide them with the email address,, which will send a connection invitation to OrthoSelect.

Cerec Scanner Instructions:

1. Your scans need to be uploaded as STL files. Please contact your Cerec support representative to see if you are able to export scans as STL files.

2. Upload those scans to the Rx form or email them to

Other Scanner Instructions:

1. For most other scanners, you will need to export your scans as STL files and upload them to the Rx form or email them to

2. Make sure files are oriented in occlusion.

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