Getting Started

How do I know if I am a candidate for becoming a KLOwen Braces provider?

  1. Are you an orthodontist?
  2. Do you want to reduce doctor time, treatment time, and the number of necessary patient visits?
  3. Do you want better treatment outcomes and the potential to increase capacity & net profit per day?
  4. Do you have an intra-oral scanner?
  5. Does your computer have the following: Windows 8 or higher, mimimum of 4GB RAM, and i5 processor?
  6. Do you feel comfortable learning digital orthodontic software (similar to Invisalign's ClinCheck) to create the best smile and treatment possible?
  7. Do you feel comfortable with learning indirect bonding?
  8. Do you accept that there will be a learning curve at the start?
  9. Do you accept accountability to approve treatments via the indirect bonding software within 24-48 hours?
  10. (Optional) Are you interested in 3D-Printing your own indirect bonding trays?

If you have entered "YES" to these questions, we would love to show you how to join the next evolution in custom orthodontics! Below, please enter your contact information and a time to reach you, and then we can talk about the next steps. Or you may contact David directly:, (817) 341-9473

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