The KLOwen 100% Custom Braces System

What if you could offer your patients braces that are as efficient as Invisalign, but cost less and work faster, with fewer office visits? KLOwen Braces is the only 100% customizable solution that offers these benefits to your practice and patients.

How do KLOwen Braces Work and What Makes Them 100% Custom?

  1. Submit a scan, then review & approve the case through digital treatment planning software, which automatically selects the best-fit bracket for each tooth.
  2. 3D-Printed transfer trays, with custom brackets preloaded, are shipped to your office.
  3. When bonding with the transfer trays, the composite fills in the last bit of space (within 5 degrees & 0.2mm) to form a custom base.
  4. Lastly, our 19.5 slot size fully expresses the final 19x25 wire, reducing treatment time by approximately 40%.

Why Choose KLOwen Braces?

KLOwen Braces Providers have expressed excitement that their practices are growing, because of these benefits:

  • Less Doctor Time 
  • Less Treatment Time 
  • Higher Conversion Rates
  • Higher Office Efficiency
  • More Profitability

Limit the time you and your staff spend in-person with patients and practice better social distancing in your office while delivering results to your patients faster with KLOwen Braces.

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