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Less Time | Fewer Office Visits | Better Results | More Profitable

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"Take what you love and work tirelessly at it: that's family, community, kids—and teeth."

- Dr. Melanie Wang,
Wife, Mom, Sister, Friend, Classroom Volunteer, Chauffeur, Marathoner, Beach Lover, Orthodontist, KLOwen Certified Smile Provider

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Classic Starter 4-case pack: $1,895 Ready for Smiles!
Starter 10-case pack: $4,190 (Save $30/case)
All-in Starter 20-case pack: $7,980 (Save $50/case)

All starter packs include: an assortment of extra brackets, practice trays/model for clinical training,
5 sets of .019x.025 NiTi finishing wires, poster for TC room, and a special sign-up gift.

Less Time | Fewer Office Visits | Better Results | More Profitable

The KLOwen Custom Braces Solution Transforms Practices:
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Less Time | Fewer Office Visits | Better Results | More Profitable

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Watch! American Health Front with Certified Smile Provider Dr. David Richter

"We create braces that perfectly fit each and every individual. Our digital solution replaces an analog, one-size-fits-all approach that has seen little innovation in the past 40 years. By offering a digital custom solution, we elevate the practice of orthodontics and improve the patient experience. We strive to make people smile, patients and orthodontic professionals alike."

- Dr. Brandon Owen DDS, MS
President | Founder
KLOwen Braces, Inc.

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